Aireloom Mattress Review - Is It Worth To Have ?

Aireloom mattress review will help you to know about this luxury brand a little more. This brand is based on the California under the name of E. S. Kluft & Company. This company only sells the mattress exclusively across the US. There are complaints from the users about the durability matter. Some of them put the ‘sags’ on the Aireloom mattress review as well. Other potential issue is the price.

Mattress score

According the review on the internet, Aireloom mattress review ratings give 7.7/10. The number is based on the rating of the detail for sure. The customer satisfaction gives 7.6/10. 6.5/10 is what people think about the price value. When we are moving on the “no back pain”, they give 8/10 for Aireloom mattress. The price itself is between 1,300 USD and 9,839 USD, which is a great amount for a mattress.

Quality of materials

This brand provides the mattresses that are exclusively handmade. The products are the result from mixed of the latex and foam on the upper part and then followed with coils and other natural materials with high quality. But they do not have the CertiPUR-US certification.

Aireloom Mattress Review – Is It Worth to Have?
Aireloom Mattress Review

But the Aireloom mattress review complaints are mostly about the sagging thing and the overall feel when they lay down on the mattress.

The Synchronized Support

There are two options available from this line: Streamline Design and LuxeTop Design. The good things are the handmade design and also the luxury materials used for making this mattress. The bad things are the sagging and noise when the user doing activity in bed. This is also the general customer feedback for this brand you can find on all over the internet.

The prices range is between 2999 USD and 9,839 USD. According to the Aireloom mattress review luxury meets quality standard, it is awarded 7.8/10.

The Rip Van Winkle

This line is the old-fashioned mattress style and available on three different firmness level. The pros are this made of natural cotton, provides traditional design with luxury material, and there are wide ranges of option. However, this line is kind of the culprit of sagging based on our online reviewers. The price range is between 2,599 USD and 4,199 USD with 6.9/10 for the final rating.

The Preferred

This style offers three different design options of modern mattress. It is good because it provides the technology or cooling Airegel. The Tencel fabric gives the smooth feel, not to mention the luxury material.

It is not goof because the price tag is too high for the material. Besides, the sagging is another issue. The price range is between 2,675 USD and 4,079 USD. The final score is 8.0/10.

The Aspire and Hotel Collection

If you like something minimalist then this line is the best for you. This is good because it is the most affordable from all lines and you still get the handmade exclusivity. This is not good because the sagging thing is the main issue along with high price tag. This is sold between 1,300 USD and 2,099 USD. The final score is 7.7/10, based on the Aireloom mattress review.

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