Everything About Obasan Mattress

Obasan Mattress - Obasan mattress is the customizable type of mattress which fit the desired of the user. Obasan’s main strength is the customization itself. From the pillow design to the size and material of the mattress, everything is customizable. It is able to create a perfect solution for the user and its partner to achieve the best possible sleep satisfaction.

The pillows maybe customizable in firmness and materials. Comforters are also customizable in order to achieve the “Right” warmth regardless of the outside temperature. The mattress is customized based on the predominant sleeping position, weight distribution, and spinal alignment of the users.

With the aid of different firmness of organic rubber, the customizable mattress can be realized from side to side and from top to bottom as well. Obasan Company has been in the business of making mattress for approximately 25 years and has been focusing on mainly making organic mattress only.

Everything About Obasan Mattress
Obasan Mattress

For the wood material, Obasan uses only the blend of poplar and spruce for the mattress foundation. These two woods are considered one of the best in durability and remarkably lightweight.

Obasan Mattress Review

The Obasan has been reviewed many times due to the large amount of owners as well. One of the reviewers ever compared the Obasan with its competitor in the similar class of products. The reviewer stated that the Obasan has its standard consistency of its product because they have their own latex sources of the product.

Different of the other company who might not have the source for the latex material therefore the standard quality of consistency might not be as good as the Obasan. However, not all the purchaser has good experience with the Obasan Mattress.

There is also reviewer stated their dissatisfaction to their non-returnable policy after 14 days. One of the reviewer stated that he only experience the dissatisfaction in the sleeping couple of weeks after that and have tried many ways to make it work.

It is possible that the customization is not well suited to reviewer. Keep in mind that this is one of the basic risk in purchasing a customizable product as it may not possess the consistency as other similar product because it is “Customized”.

Obasan Mattress Sale

Obasan Mattress have several kinds of product models which have their own pricing and quality. One of its finest product is the Acadia 4.0. This mattress model provide the user with utmost comfort feels with the usage of its extra-soft top layer. The multi-zone comfort layers are also customizable with the selection of medium or base available to the customer.

During the year of 2013, Obasan Organic Mattress ever offered cheap and affordable price from $95 to $269 for Mama and Baby Lovers Readers exclusive sale offers. Any purchase of Terra Nova Crib Mattress or the Fundy Kids Mattress will come with a free package of Wool Moisture Pad protector.

Cheap King Size Mattress

With its organic features of the Obasan, the cheap king size mattress that comes with healthy features has come into reality. The Acadia 3.0 is still undefeated in its class. Due to the organic features, it is possible to acquire the king size mattress with just the approximate amount of $4800.

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This package already comes with free organic comforter and shipping cost. The Acadia 3.0 is already handcrafted with the best organic material in this affordable price. Hopefully by reading this short article, you would be able to gain wisdom in making the best decision in purchasing the Obasan Mattress product.

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