How to Install Plumbing for a Bathroom Sink in Easy Steps ?

How to install plumbing for a bathroom sink ? In term of installing the bathroom sink, there are indeed many things to be noticed well. Despite the design and the position, it is important also to think more about the plumbing system. The plumbing system is even considered essential since it influences how the sink, in general, is working. So, what are the steps to let it be installed well on your bathroom wall ? Here they are.


Even only for the preparation, it takes so many times. They are starting deciding the position, preparing the tools and equipment, and many more. The position itself should not be randomly chosen.


It should be close to the water disposal and there must also be a space to place the pipe and any other components. In general, the way how to install plumbing for a new bathroom sink is not different from those for the old ones. Sure, for the new sink, it means that the sink itself must be installed first before the plumbing.

Installing the Pipes

How to install pipes for a bathroom sink anyway ? This part is quite difficult since you may bury the pipe on the wall. This way, the pipe will not be seen from the outside and the bathroom looks neater and cleaner. While installing it, provide an input hole for the clean water system for around 90 cm.

Following the hole, there must also be the output for the dirty water provided. The faucet socket is installed on the holes. Actually, by installing the pipe, you have done the half of how to install plumbing for a bathroom sink.

Installing All the Components

When the sink along with the pipes have been installed, you can start to install and put all the other components. One of them is the drain. Besides, the faucet that has been attached before is put on the wall or on the part of the sink properly to make it look nicer. Sure, the channels inside must be connected well to make the sink can be functioned properly.

The steps are just similar to all types of bathroom sinks. Therefore, if you look for the ways how to install plumbing for a double bathroom sink, you can apply those steps also. But sure, the process tends to be longer since there are two sinks to be installed.

Test It

To make sure that the sink works well, there are no other ways unless testing. Try to flow the water from the faucet but it should not be too hard. Just turn the faucet around for a little bit and let the water not flow too much. Next, take a look at the entire piping system. Is there any leakage ?

If yes, it means that the installation is still not tight. So, you can tighten it up or maybe uninstall the installation and restart it from the beginning. On the other hand, if there is no leakage, the sink is ready to use. So, do you want to follow those steps how to install plumbing for a new bathroom sink ?

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