Hardiboard Pros and Cons

Hardiboard is one of the most popular brands for the home siding. It might be true that there are many people who want to have a modern living place. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they are also longing for a more traditional touch for their living place. The traditional touch means more warmth and this must be the reason why people love to keep the house with the more traditional design.

This siding can be perfect for the classic and traditional homes but it can also be applied to the house with modern design to add more traditional touch. This popular brand surely comes with pros and cons to consider before making any purchase.

Hardiboard Pros and Cons


The competition in the siding industry is pretty tight so people need to make the right choice of siding for their house. Many people choose the hardi board for covering their house with a particular reason. People love this brand because it comes with long-lasting quality. It is supported with a warranty for each siding after all.

Mostly, the planks are guaranteed for 50 years. Unlike the traditional siding, this brand product is resistant to rot. There is no need to worry about damage caused by the insect as well. The ocean spray is no match for the hardi board colors and quality as well.

The interesting thing about the hardiboard is that there are various options of color and style to choose. They can find the look which mimics the natural woods texture for instance. Of course, they can also find the style with detail. The pre-painted plank is available but it does not mean that the opportunity to paint the plank after installation is prohibited. People can feel free to design and decorate with hardi board lowes.


It is great that people are able to find various benefits from this brand of home siding. It seems like there is nothing which can keep them from installing this product on their house. However, there are some reasons which make people have to think twice before they buy the hardi board home depot. They have to realize that this type of plank is not lightweight at all. The heavyweight will matter a lot to the shipping cost.

This is the type of siding which will need the better planning which is detailed. The installation process will involve more labors as well. This process cannot be done in a short period of time because of its heavy weight. It will be completely different from the lightweight vinyl siding. The more specific tools will also be needed for this siding installation.

People do not have to worry once the installation has been completely done. However, their task with the board is not over yet. They still need to worry about the maintenance of the siding as well.

People will find it great since this product comes with the ColorPlus warranty which can save them money on the siding maintenance especially if they need to paint, prime, and scrape the siding before the time is up. The warranty will cover the paint and the labor. However, they have to pay the maintenance after that when they need to upkeep the hardiboard.

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