How to Diagnose Coleman Furnace Error Codes

Coleman furnace error codes - Furnaces are equipped with the LED and this can be the indicator of Coleman Furnace error codes. Some people find it overwhelming to understand what is going on with their furnace. But you do not need to worry because, in this article, we are going to help you to understand what the machine wants to tell you. We also will explain to you how to read the code.

First of all, the LED works just like the Morse code. It will blink several times to give you a message. This is why you need to find out the Morse code and search for the meaning of it.

Coleman Furnace Error Codes

What to do with the code

So, if you now already have the Coleman Furnace error codes, you might want to know what to do next. Basically, each furnace has its own code chart and it has been included in its feature. You can find the code chart on the compartment door of the furnace, which is quite a convenience. But if you find nothing on there, you might need to check the manual book. Coleman furnace error code 7 might be the indication of wired wrong.

After you get the code and know what that means, you can start to check out the problem. And when your furnace is getting better then it will show a steady light from the LED.

Codes of normal furnace operation

If the LED shows the Coleman furnace error code 4 then it might be the indication of the limit circuit open. But some people might be confused if the LED shows the error code or this is just how it works. If you are not sure, you can cut the power for a moment. The blower will later fire up once you introduce the power to it. It means a good thing though.

Resetting your furnace can be done by cutting the power through the breaker or the service. You need to let it down for about 30 seconds before turning it back on. The board will clear itself and automatically restart. Later, you can find out what is going on with your furnace. But make sure you have read the code before you turn the power off. The Coleman furnace error code 3 means that the pressure switch stuck open.

Furnace code for proving fault, ignition failure and gas

If the code you have is referred to as the ignition or gas failure, the problem will show up around the burner assembly area. The ignition seems not good or the flame sensor might be dirty as well. There are times, however, where the valve of the gas is malfunctioned.

At least now you have known which area needs to be seen in case this thing is happening and you want to restart the unit. Repairing the ignition failure and flame sensor is as easy as detecting it. But when you hit the gas valve issues, you may need to be more experienced than reading the Coleman Furnace error codes.

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