3 Easy Steps to Install the Dryer Vent Hose

Installing dryer vent house can actually be done by us. Indeed, to enjoy the results faster, you can ask someone or a plumbing service to help you. Undeniably, the installation process may spend more time. But if you want to save your budgets, there are some easy ways to spend the dryer vent hose. Check them out.

Turn Off All the Electrical Circuits

Check the entire drying area to know what kind of connectors available. It is common in this area to have things like the electric hookups and even the gases. Besides, make sure that there are two water pipes for the hot and the cool ones, the exhaust pipes, drying ventilation, and the electric outlets. The power must be appropriate for the dryer that you use. In general, they are 30, 40, or 50 ampere.

Installing Dryer Vent Hose

Although those power types are the most common ones, it doesn’t mean that they can complete each other. The power of 30 ampere will not be appropriate to be paired with the 50 one and vice versa.

Identify the Hose for

If you want to replace dryer vent hose, make sure that the old one has been released. Next, you need to identify the hose first whether it is to drain the hot or the cool water. Generally, both of them are attached behind the machine. However, there is also the hose to flow all types of water and this hose has a bigger size.

Install the rubber connector on the tip of the hose and make sure that it is bound very tightly. In installing dryer vent, the rubber connector must not be bound loosely since it may make the hose released later. Besides, it also makes the water sprout around and it is surely not a good thing.

Place the Machine Appropriately

For some reasons, the machine indeed needs to be placed closer to the water connector. However, it should not be too close to avoid the water flowing too hard and then it can make the installation released later.

To install the water connector, you need the screws to place the electric socket at first. Then, add the rubber band on the hose. If there are two hoses for the cool and hot water, it means that the rubber bands provided must be double as well. Install the dryer hose in a U shape to the pipe. Plug in the connector to the stop contact. Be careful so that the cables as well as the hose will not be tangled.

If this is a process of installing new dryer vent hose, it should not be big deal. The problem is when you are about installing rigid dryer vent hose. So, what should you do ?

For the rigid hose, make sure that the hose is not too long. Then, place the machine near to the pipe as well as the electric socket to make it work well. Consequently, you may do some efforts to make all of them are closer to each other. So, are you interested in installing dryer vent hose by yourself ?.

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