Goodwill Industries - Does Goodwill Take Mattresses ?

Does Goodwill take mattresses ? Well, before we get the answer of that question, we need to know about the company at the first place. Goodwill is a non-profit organization established by American and the full name is Goodwill Industries International Inc.

This organization provides a lot of things ranging from the job training, services for employment placement, and other programs based on community. The programs aim for people that seem like have barriers that could prevent them from getting a job.

People also ask about “does Goodwill take mattresses Oregon ?” and we are going to find out after we finish the basic information about this organization. Goodwill commonly hires veterans and individual who lacks on job experience or education or facing the challenge on employment.

Does Goodwill Take Mattresses ? - Goodwill Industries
Does Goodwill Take Mattresses

The organization based is spread around the world like in Canada, United States, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and also South Korea. In today, there are two types of public space from this organization; the Donate Movement and also the Latin American market. Well, we are going to find out about “does Goodwill take mattresses.

Items accepted by Goodwill

There are several items accepted by Goodwill and that thing is regulated on their CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission. The organization would love to accept any donation that can be sold in their stores.

The money gathered from donated items sale will be used to support the training programs that will help the people to find job and become stable in their financial situation. You may also want to know about “does Goodwill take mattresses Texas” as well.

Clothing and shoes may be the most needed items. Other than that, they will accept furniture, televisions with flat screen, domestic things, antiques and jewelry and other collectibles as well.

If you have books or housewares and dishes then you can also donate it to Goodwill. Any tapes, records, CDs, and DVDs are also accepted. You can give it away if you have lamps, clocks, radios and other electrical things.

They also accept accessories like scarves, belts, and handbags. Or you can also give your computer like monitors, printers, and the whole computer set. But it is better if you check the computer recycling program from Goodwill at the first place.

You are also allowed to donate vehicles but you better reach the requirement to donate car on their website. So, does Goodwill take mattresses California ?

Items they cannot accept

Household appliances are not allowed since they concern about the disposal. Broken electrical items are not accepted since they cannot repair them. Building materials will not be accepted as well. Do you have encyclopedia ? Then do not donate it because it is not saleable and cannot be recycled as well.

Do you want to donate box springs and mattresses?  Well, they will not accept it. The regulation states that it needs to be sanitized first. So, they do not want to take a risk after all. So the final statement, does Goodwill take mattresses ? No, Goodwill does not.

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