How To Get The Best Safe Slumber Mattress

Safe slumber mattress is an important item especially if you have a baby or toddler that still sleeps in crib. Besides those tiny clothes with exciting look, the mattress and cribs are other important things you should prepare to welcome the little human in your home.

For your information, babies spend more than their 16 hours in a day inside their cribs. This is why you need to prepare a comfort mattress and safety crib. You should know that not all crib mattresses are the safety ones. You need to do some research in order to get the best one. Safe slumber mattress Marriott is one of the famous ones. You can have a look on that brand.

Innerspring mattress vs. foam mattress

When it comes to safe slumber mattress, we will see two main types of it: the innerspring and foam mattresses. Many parents ask the same thing before purchasing a crib mattress: which one is the best one ?

How to Get the Best Safe Slumber Mattress
Safe Slumber Mattress

Actually, there is no a term like the best mattress type. It depends on your need for sure, since each of them has different pros and cons. But the other thing that should be in your concern is the quality of the mattress you will purchase.

Other than that, this kind of mattress will also need protector. Make sure you have read slumber safe mattress protector reviews before landing your choice.

The scoop on foam crib mattress

The earlier foam mattresses from 80s were using foam with low quality materials. It easily got brittle and broke down as well. But gladly, that thing is not in here anymore. But it still has a lot of things that should be considered.

If you find a foam mattress with unbelievably cheap price then it might be using the cheap packing foam. It can lead to deterioration from time to time.

Basically foam mattress for crib is cheaper than the innerspring. But if you buy one then it is better to be denser. Even though heavy mattress means better mattress, you can release your breath because foam mattress is definitely much lighter than the innerspring. Besides the protector, you may want to take a look at slumber safe mattress pad.

The scoop on innerspring crib mattress

As the adults we will agree that innerspring mattress with good quality is kind of the best one. It contains coils or springs which make the mattress a lot more complex than the previous mattress type. Besides, innerspring mattress is more expensive than the foam ones. It is important to keep in mind that more coils do not mean better mattress.

People report that between 135 and 150 coils along with gauge as many as 15.5 will make a good mattress for the baby. Other than that, pricier innerspring mattress does not mean better mattress.

You also need to watch the rods around the mattress’ perimeter. This will prevent the sagging when your baby is around the edge. For the conclusion, it always depends on your need and budget when it comes to the best safe slumber mattress.

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