What You Should Consider Before Moving Your 14x70 Mobile Home

14x70 mobile home - Do you plan to move your 14x70 mobile home ? That would be difficult if you don’t know what you need to do. In the worst case, you can even break your mobile home as well as the car or truck that you use to move your house. In order to avoid all the problems, here we have some information and tips you can use when you want to move your mobile home.

The Law

It sounds strange, however, understanding the law in the local area where you live and where you will move to is important. You need to know the zoning law in your area. But, the most important thing is the law on the road. This will help you to choose the right vehicle you can use to move your mobile home.

14x70 Mobile Home

Usually, people will use the truck with high power to pull the mobile home. However, considering the 14x70 mobile home weight, a tractor might be necessary to be able to move this mobile home to another place. But, you need to remember that there are rules that allow a specific type of vehicle that can run on the city or interstate road. So, if your living area forbids the usage of the tractor, you may need to find other vehicles with more power.

You can find out more about that law from the department of transportation. Search it on their official website. Or, you also can call the local moving company. Usually, if they provide the mobile home moving service, they also have information about the transportation law.

The Preparation and Equipment

Moving a mobile home isn’t as simple as you thought. You need to calculate everything, including the 14x70 mobile home square footage, the weight, tongue weight, and other aspects. This is important, especially for you who plan to move it by yourself and don’t use moving company service.

Then, you also need to use the correct equipment to move your mobile home. You can’t just pull the mobile home and move it around. You need to use many types of equipment, such as cranes, hydraulic lifter and other, in order to place your mobile home in the correct place before you move it. Make sure you also use the vehicle with enough power to move it as well.

Start Moving and On the Road

Before you start to move your mobile home, make sure you move all of your belonging inside your mobile home. Carry your stuff on a different vehicle. This will help you to reduce the weight of the mobile home and make it easy to carry. Then, you also need to have a car that will drive in front of you as a guide. The car will tell you if the road is safe or not, which will protect your mobile home from damage while you move it.

It is indeed complicated. Maybe, you don’t know what kind of vehicle you should use. Or, what and how heavy the 14x70 mobile home tongue weight really is. But, all the tips above will help you to save a lot of money for moving your mobile home.

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