What Ames Roof Coating Can Give To Your House

Ames roof coating - The roof has the most important role of a house. It is not only protecting your house from the heat. But, the weather effect, especially for you who live in the subtropical area, will be very damaging without proper roof installed on your house.

The proper roof here means it doesn’t only use the strong and durable material, plus the right design. But, it also has to use the right roof coating. Among many roof coating brands you can find out there, one of the best that we can think of is the ames roof coating. Why?

Ames Roof Coating

The Colors

Ames brand provides many different colors you can choose. The ames roof coating colors are actually an important thing that you need to consider carefully. There is the reason why you should do this :

• The appearance - good choice of color will make your house looks beautiful. Make sure you choose a nice and matched color tone with your house main color theme.
• The weather effect - it relates to the ability to absorb or keep the heat away. The darker color will give you the best heat absorption, so using this color for coating your roof on winter is a good choice. On the other hand, you can choose the lighter color for summer.

The Features

You also need to see the features that the roof coating has. For roof coating from Ames, one of important feature you must choose is the waterproof features. many ames roof coating reviews also mention it as the aspect that will affect your house condition for a longer period of time.

The waterproof feature will protect your house from leaking, which usually happens on a rainy day in summer. The different temperature on the surface, from the hot sunlight to the cold rainwater, will make the roof expand. It can cause crack and leak. The waterproof roof coating will prevent this problem. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about leaking with this feature.

The Material Type

Ames also provides roof coating that is made of many different types of materials. But, the best and the most popular one are the aluminum and elastomeric material. there is a reason, why you also must choose these materials. The aluminum and the elastomeric coating have the best ability to reflect the heat and light.

That will help your HVAC system work much easier. that means you also can save money on the HVAC bills. Moreover, you can choose several different colors for these two materials, such as black, almond, white and other colors.

The aluminum and elastomeric coating also have rust and water-resistant properties. Moreover, it can expand to 600% of its original size. therefore, you don’t need to buy more ames roof sealant just to cover the whole roof surface.


Roof coating is an important thing to do for your house. And, using the ames roof coating with its many features and benefits is also one of the good things to do. You also can find this product easily from many stores around you.

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