How To Change Your Room Appearance With Artificial Wood Beams

Artificial wood beams - Have you ever wondered how boring your ceiling in your house really is ? there is nothing at there. Only white wallpaper without any accent that can add it’s artistic and beauty value. that’s normal. Many people think like that too. So, how can we change that boring ceiling ? The answer is simple. You can use artificial wood beams. You may also know it as a faux wood beam.

What is Artificial Wood Beam ?

Just like its name, it is an artificial product that looks so similar to wood beam that you usually found on the farmhouse or old house. the artificial wood beam malaysia or product from other countries is made of high-density polyurethane. This material makes this wood beam become much lighter.

Artificial Wood Beams

Therefore, you can easily install it on any area on your ceiling or other places. However, this material is much stronger and durable than simple wood. You don’t need to worry about mold or pest attack on this faux wood beam.

How to Use Faux Wood Beam

Now, you know what faux wood beam is. The next thing you need to do is using it in your room. The simple way to use it is using it as artificial wood beams fixer upper. However, there are more ideas you can apply with this wood beam.

• Choose The Aged Color
Choose the aged wood color for the beam. Make sure that this color is different than your ceiling base color. The high contrast will create a nice effect. The aged wood color will make your house looks like an old house. If you combine this design with modern and minimalist style, you get beautiful and unique interior appearance you won’t find on other houses.

• Make It Antique
Install the faux wood beam on the area where you put classic furniture, such as a classic cabinet or antique dresser. It is simple, but once you install it, it will create a big change in your room appearance.

• The Ceiling Frame
You also can install the wood beam on each side of the ceiling. It will create a nice frame that will put the strong line between the wall and ceiling. You can use it to add some accent to your plain and boring room.

• The Door Frame
Similar to the ceiling frame, this one, you need to install artificial wood beam surround the door. It will create a nice appearance as well as add more volume to your door. In the end, your door and room will look really beautiful with this classic style design.


The artificial or faux wood beam is a nice addition you can use for changing your room appearance. It’s easy to install and move around. You don’t even need a professional to install it. Moreover, you can find artificial wood beams uk and other stores easily. Nowadays, the online store has this product that you can buy. You can save your time and start to install it once you get it.

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