Blow-in Insulation Cost

Blow-in insulation cost becomes one of the most sought-after keywords lately. This could happen because insulation becomes an important thing nowadays. Blow-in insulation can be touted as one of the most typical ways to insulate walls, crawl space, or attic in the houses.

Averagely, it costs around USD 1,400 but there are homeowners that could spend less or even more than that amount of cash. The price depends on how the process is done and whether they include the professional or not.

Basically, you can get the units needed from the home improvement stores or you can find the blow-in insulation cost home depot as well. This is true if insulating your house may increase the comfy in your home since it neutralizes the drafts and humidity in the room. Meanwhile, this is a great investment if you will sell your house in the future.

Blow-in Insulation Cost

Blown-in fiberglass insulation cost

Blown-in insulation cost per bag by using the fiberglass as its material starts from USD 33 depends on the R-value you use to calculate it. As we have mentioned earlier, installing the insulation for your house will increase the efficiency and allow you to save some money. Insulation will also decrease the annual cost of cooling and heating. Other than that, fiberglass does not require that much money. Fiberglass is the type of material that provides flexibility so you can utilize almost every piece of it.

Blow-in cellulose insulation cost

Cellulose is another alternative you can turn if the fiberglass does not touch your interest. Blown-in insulation cost for cellulose material starts from USD 28 per bag. Cellulose is basically pretty popular among all materials for insulation due to its natural ingredients. Other than that, in order to increase the resistance toward the flame, the material is treated by the fire retardant. Borate in the ingredients allows the material to resists pests, mold, and mildew. However, fiberglass could cover a wider area with the same amount of cellulose.

The benefits of blown-in insulation

Blown-in insulation is an effective insulation type compare to others. This is like a seamless blanket that will wrap your attic. The blown-in insulation cost Canada might be slightly different than in the USA but we will recommend you to use this type of insulation though.

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Blown-in insulation adds the longevity to your house’s shingles and roof. If your roof is adequately ventilated with layers, it will create a well-conditioned area in the attic. It also helps to decrease your energy bill. Since the insulation could fill any cavity and crevice in the attic, you may reduce the cost of the air conditioner.

Insulation also acts as the moisture barrier and the vapor retarder. As long as it is installed correctly, the moisture infiltration will decrease by itself. You must maintain the R-value in order to keep your house warm during the winter and airy in the summer. The additional aid to mitigate the moisture in the attic is by installing an attic fan. And this is the end of blown-in insulation cost.

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