Easyheat Com - The Benefits and Drawbacks of Radiant Floor Heating

EasyHeat Com is like the place when you can find all heating product in your home. Most of them help to reduce the energy bill. In this article, we are going to specifically review the radiant floor heating from EasyHeat. This is a popular thing in nowadays’ housing and also a luxurious one.

Of course, the heating installed under your floor is really comfortable. But if we talk about its price, is it worth it? Some people always associate this brand with the easy heat.com/simcity. We will not talk about that here though.

The benefits of radiant floor heating

The radiant floor heating is efficient in energy consumption compared to the traditional heating that involves the work of radiator. This thing comes in two types: water-based and electric-based systems. Both systems give a consistent yet efficient temperature. Under-floor heating allows you to get the best temperature without cool spot and without overheating temperature. It saves about 15% of the energy bill.

Easyheat Com - The Benefits and Drawbacks of Radiant Floor Heating

The floor needs no maintenance and you will get a guarantee for up to 30 years. You will have a controller to manage the heat and the temperature can be set by using the Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat. Other than that, the thermostat is programmable. By the heating is installed under the floor, there is no room radiator on your wall. You might want to check the easy heat compress.

The radiant floor heating works with any type of flooring materials. Other than that, it provides safety and a total comfort for the homeowner since there is no hot surface from the radiator or sharp edge. It provides a better air quality in the room. And more importantly, this easyheat com product is easy to install.

The drawbacks of radiant floor heating

The first thing that you will notice is the installation cost. The bracket installation starts from USD 10 to USD 20 per sq. ft. depends on the system type you choose. You will also need the help of a professional electrician to manage the system and power supply, which would cost starts from USD 200 per sq. ft. When you choose the water-based system, the cost may be climbed up to three times pricier. This thing is never stated on the easy heat commercial though.

The electric system takes about two days until the floor is completely dry. Meanwhile, the water-based may take much longer time. For your information, the heating system that is installed under your floor may increase the height of the floor up to ½ inch. In order to maximize the efficiency potential, you may place the board underneath the heating system. The insulation board will also increase the floor’s height about an inch.

Is it worth it ?

In generally saying, the radiant floor heating is energy efficient and easy to install. It will warm your whole house without causing cold spot and overheating in certain spots. The installing cost is pretty expensive but compared to the traditional heating radiator, you may want to have this from easyheat com.

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