3 Common Types of Home Insulation : Fanfold Insulation and Many More

Fanfold insulation is just one of the popular things nowadays. However, deciding every single thing for your home is a big step. Other than the fanfold, the vinyl siding insulation also becomes very popular with its benefits and unique features. In this article, we are going to talk about insulation and the materials. We will also add the pros and cons along with its estimated cost of each material used for home insulation.

Fiberglass Batts and Blankets

This material is good because you can find it in almost all hardware supply stores. The material is also familiar with its character that is able to fit on any rafter, joist, and stud. For easier installation, you can use the version of paper and foil since they have the stapling flanges attached.


However, you need a full-protection pair of clothes before starting to install the material. The material can be itchy when there is a direct contact with your body. In order to make the fiberglass rolls fit, you need to cut it by hand. It also gets compressed easily, which leads to the decreased insulating properties. You may want to try the fanfold insulation Lowes instead.

Fiberglass is great to install on the ceilings, floors, and walls. A DIY doer can even do this project and per square foot will cost between USD 0.7 and USD 1.2. This material is pretty cheap but it has so many environmental issues that could lead to a serious health issue as well.

Rockwool Batts and Blankets

Compared to the fiberglass, the Rockwool provides better resistance. Besides, it causes no itchy effect during the process. The material is easy yet quick to install due to the shape.
However, the availability is not as widely available as fiberglass. It cannot handle moist that well so Rockwool may even promote the mold growth once it is exposed my moist. It also has several environmental and health issues. Rockwool cannot become into fanfold insulation.

It can be installed on all part of your house and is suitable for DIY doers. The cost is pretty low which starts from 80 cents per square feet.

Loose-Fill Cellulose

Cellulose provides an effective yet efficient insulation at all temperatures. You may feel a better performance when the weather outside is pretty cold. This material is great to install on the ceiling, cavities on the existing and new walls, unfinished floors in the attic, and other places that are hard to reach. You may want to see the fanfold insulation Menards.

However, it might be too heavy if you install it in your attic. The minimum size of the drywall is 5/8 inches or 16 inches on every framing. After years of use, the effectiveness could get decreased due to the possibility of getting settled for almost 20%. Cellulose also causes several environmental and health issues.

There are actually other types of home insulation and you may read the fanfold insulation reviews on the internet. Before choosing the material or the fanfold insulation, you must figure out the area for the installation.

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