Foamtiles - Foam Flooring vs. Rubber Flooring

Foamtiles have become one of the options you can choose when it comes to home flooring. But there are pros and cons you need to know. Using foam for your flooring material is a smart decision especially if you need to cover some areas such as the play area for kids, garage, and home gym. Rubber tiles and foam tiles seem pretty similar but they have several differences that might need your consideration.

Pros and cons of foam flooring

Foam tiles will be suitable for rooms like lounging, pilates, yoga, stretching, and other activities with low impact. The material is soft and light, which makes the foam flooring material becomes easy to install and move as well. It provides the shock absorbent ability so if you kid trips or you do the yoga, the impact on your joints and body will be much better than the rubber flooring material.

Foamtiles - Foam Flooring vs. Rubber Flooring

Foamtiles material is basically easy to clean. All you need is a damp mop and some soap solution to clean the sweat or other unpleasant things that pop down to your floor. It will furnish the room because it is available in various nice colors and styles as well. And most importantly, this material is affordable and less expensive than the rubber in per square foot.

However, if you use the foam tiles Walmart for a home gym then the legs of the machine could create a permanent indentation. It could get worse if the exposure happens for too long. The softness may also be one of the pros but if we talk about the durability, the rubber has a better one. Other than that, foam could be easily punctured due to sharp edges and heavy equipment.

Pros and cons of rubber flooring

Rubber flooring material could handle up to 20lb++ weight and almost all fitness machines. This material is very tough. It also creates no noise since the material is denser than the foam. Installing the rubber on your floor is also very easy since you do not need any glue in almost all applications. Besides, it uses a natural material that involves a very low carbon emission in the process. Compared to the making process of foam tiles, rubber tiles are greener.

The rubber is available in various options that can be adjusted to your need and the room. Besides, rubber is easier to clean compared to the foam flooring material. However, there are cons you need to know.

Rubber is much heavier than the foam tiles baby. Other than that, it costs greater than foam does. So, if you want to wrap a large floor are in your room with a rubber, you might need to prepare the budget first.


Before choosing one of them, you need to consider the things that will be placed on the floor. When it comes to the durability, rubber is the best one. But if you need to create a room for baby or children or other activity that requires a softness then foamtiles might be better.

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