Clayton Homes Conway AR - Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Clayton Homes Conway AR is one of the modular-manufactured homes in the USA. Since people and developer consider this house as a cheap yet low-quality housing option, modular homes have been getting more popular in recent years.

A modular home is another way offered to the consumers to have a house with several benefits over the regular home. However, there are things that should be considered by the homeowners before buying one of them. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of modular homes, just like the ones offered by Clayton Homes.

The benefits of modular home

Since modular homes are built with the setting of a factory, the quality control is really well-monitored. In some cases, the quality of the modular home is much better than the regular homes. Modular homes also offer a great speed of construction since it is built by sticking to the factory setting.

Clayton Homes Conway AR

Besides the quality is monitored, they have a clear schedule so you will know when the home is ready, just like the Clayton Homes Conway AR. It is also generally less expensive than the regular home. It could be as cheap as 15% less than the price of a regular home. This type of home will give another benefit to you if you want to have a house even if the location is far from the manufacturing center.

There are more options for financing for this type of home. Other than that, modular homes are not mobile homes. They are built with a higher standard for sure.

The drawbacks of modular home

However, even though the house can be built in various configurations, it is not easy customized like the regular house considering how the house is manufactured. You must also deal with some complicated process when you want to apply a mortgage for a modular house. In fact, people are more familiar with the regular house when it comes to a mortgage.

Even though the cost of the house may take less than the regular house, some people find it shocking when they find out the price of the land plus the house. So, if you are not well-prepared then you might be getting shocked too. Modular homes get not-so-good acceptance from several neighborhoods. This is caused by the modular homes back then that looks like some army barracks.

Some cases also show the indication of difficulty when you want to sell the house. Buyers will do their “investigation” before considering buying the house. When they know that this is a prefabricated house, you need to be ready with their turned-off reaction.

Is the modular home a right option ?

It depends on what you like. If you want the best deal with good quality then the modular home might be the type of house for you. However, if you want a house that offers a unique look and specifically designed for you then you need to reconsider of buying a modular home. Regardless of what your choice is, you can consider the pros and cons from this article before buying Clayton Homes Conway AR.

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