Duo Therm Parts for Travel Trailers : Aluminum Siding vs Fiberglass Siding

Duo therm parts - If you are familiar with the travel trailers, you might also have known about the duo therm parts. The travel trailers have sidings installed on the exterior to protect the vehicle against the bad element. It also provides insulation inside the trailer. Aluminum and fiberglass are the two most popular materials for the travel trailers. Here in this article, we are going to discuss each material.

Aluminum siding

The siding made of aluminum shows the smooth or corrugated surface. The corrugated panel will attach to the trailer’s exterior in the interlocking section. Those can be typically found at the trailers with a low-end budget. Meanwhile, the smooth surface of the siding is commonly found on more upscale vehicles. You can see the duo therm parts list to see anything they provide for a trailer.

Duo Therm Parts for Travel Trailers Aluminum Siding vs. Fiberglass Siding

Pros and cons of aluminum siding

Basically, duo therm parts made of corrugated aluminum is easy to replace. However, the polished or smooth siding panel will require a professional automotive technician to replace it. The weight is lighter compared to fiberglass which makes the towing process becomes easier as well. You can see the duo therm parts manual for installation or better call a technician though.

Another good thing about this material is that you can buy a bigger trailer since the aluminum is very light and only increase the weight by a little. On the other hand, it costs cheaper than the fiberglass and offers better circulation. Besides, you do not need to worry if the mold and mildew could grow on it. The material also gives a better durability on the coating.

Fiberglass siding

Fiberglass is available in widely various options and styles. But form things that we have seen around, most styles used are similar to the aluminum. The smooth type of fiberglass is applied in all kinds of trailers no matter this is the economic type or the high-class type. Corrugated fiberglass is typically used for a cheaper trailer. The installation involves glue and some metal fasteners according to the duo therm parts diagram.

Pros and cons of fiberglass

The fiberglass siding provides the ability to resist denting, which makes this material suitable for inclement weather traveling. However, the lamination on the fiberglass is easily peeling and fading due to sun exposure. Fiberglass also provides a better insulation than aluminum so inside the trailer will get a better air during the cold temperature.

This material is smoother than the aluminum. The doors and windows are generally sealed to this material more securely as well. Even though siding with this material costs more expensive than the aluminum does, it has better durability, shows a beauty, and is easy to clean. So, if the price is not your problem then you can consider this thing for your siding panel.


When it comes to the siding panel in a travel trailer, the buyer will consider it really much. So, you better make sure that all the features you want and need are in place at the first place. And this is the end of duo therm parts.

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