Bathroom Plumber : 5 Essential Tips To Install Bathroom Plumbing

You may need the help from the bathroom plumber when you want to get a bathroom renovation. But you can basically do it yourself as long as you have the proper yet appropriate knowledge and understanding about it.

Plumbing is indeed not a simple task for everyone and this is why many homeowners will leave it with the professionals instead of doing it themselves. In this article, we have several essential tips you can try to install the bathroom plumbing without having to pay for the experts.

Conceal the pipework

Sometimes you think that the tiles need to be removed. When you will remove the tiles, you better chase out the wall and lift the floor in order to hide the plumbing of hot and cold water along with the waste pipes to manage the best finish.


Pipework basically can be concealed in the ceilings or walls. But when you cannot conceal it then you can put it in a box or use some furniture pieces in the bathroom such as vanity to cover it. Or you may try to find “bathroom plumbers near me”.

Choose the flexible pipework

There are several ways you can do to save your money when it comes to the pipework. But it will be applicable if you do not use the service of bathroom plumber and take this task on your own. To make the retrofit process becomes easier, the plastic fittings would be the best choice.

This material works best with the flexible pipe that can be threaded around the corners and through the joists without joints needed. The adaptor from copper to the plastic material can be found at the hardware stores. It will help to extend the existing system. Since plastic could fit much quicker compared to copper, it allows you to save on the labor costs for sure.

Raise the floor level

Bathroom plumber hull is just a part of the plumbing system. When it comes to the plumbing system, you may need to add at least 10mm fall for each 4m of the pipe for the shower waste. It is highly recommended to raise the level of the floor so the void could be created. The wastewater can flow below and between the joists. Other than that, you can also box it in the ceiling level like the modern bathroom plumbers Sheffield.

Fit isolation valves

Putting the isolation pipe on every pipe is a good idea. They will be shut off when you need to do some maintenance. The neatest solution to put the pipe is putting a single cold and hot manifold. The shut-off valve must be individual and located in somewhere secure enough but easy to access as well.

Macerator for awkward space

New bathroom connects with a soil pipe with 100mm in length. If this thing is not possible, you can use a small-bore pipe for waste that is flexible enough with a macerator in its pump. The most awkward space in the bathroom can be reached by the pipe like the work done by the professional bathroom plumber.

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