4 Simple Ways to Solve the Problem of Flooded Bathroom

Have you ever experienced the flooded bathroom? Yes, it is not the flooded bathroom dream but it really happens in real life. This problem is not caused by the over-rain but due to the obstructed water disposal system. Maybe, it is for your own habits to throw anything to the toilet and the system cannot flow it well. Although the flood in the bathroom seems annoying and difficult to be dried, there are some ways to solve it. Check them out.

Special Cleaners for the Obstructed Water System

The easiest thing to do is by buying a kind of special cleaners produced for the obstructed water system. Sure, it means you must know at first the spot where the obstruction is placed. The special cleaners can be simply found in the stores but the price is indeed more expensive than the common ones.


But still this stuff contains high levels of chemical substances; you must apply them very carefully. Besides, the application must also not be too much since it can damage and peel off the stuff like the tiles.

Electronic Device to Smooth the Water System

Well, it is not a kind of flooded bathroom meme. But yes, in the market, there is now a special device with the electric power to smooth the water system. Sure, it means that this device can be used also to clean up the obstruction that causes the flooded bathroom. The way to use it is various.

Commonly, you only need to plug it into the electricity socket. Then, the head of the device is placed on the toilet or any other obstructed stuff. Turn on the device by pushing the button. Automatically, it works and flows the water along with the obstruction.

Cleaning Liquid and Hot Water

If you don’t want to buy any of the tools to smooth the water system mentioned above, it is actually possible to flow the obstruction using the things around. One of them is by using the cleaning liquid and hot water. The cleaning liquid to use is the one you commonly use to wash the dishes or clothes. Pour the liquid a little on the water system and it is followed by the hot water. The process is probably not as fast as the special cleaners or the electronic device. But it is proven to more environmentally friendly.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Next, there are baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is a kind of strong base while the vinegar is one of the strong acid materials. When both meet, there is a chemical reaction that can destroy some certain materials like plastic. So, you can use them if you think the obstruction is likely the sachets of shampoo or the packages of napkins.

Wait for around 15 minutes and then add the hot water to ease the obstruction to flow. In term of the effectiveness, those ingredients are just similar to the flooded bathroom electrics mentioned above. Interestingly, it is safer and more environmentally friendly than the previous ways to solve the problems of flooded bathroom.

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