How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity with DIY Steps

Do you want to know how to remove a bathroom vanity ? Well, it is better if you leave it to the plumber or other professionals. But if you insist to work on it with the DIY process, we will try to show you how to do it step by step.

Tools and materials

Before you start the step on how to remove a bathroom vanity top, you need to prepare several tools and materials such as :

Pliers, the channel one;
Adjustable wrench;
Screwdriver with power;
Utility knife;
Pry bar, the small one;
Reciprocating saw.


Those tools are very important to support your work on how to remove a bathroom vanity. If you do not have the tools it is better to just hire a technician. A bathroom vanity is something needed in the bathroom. Without this thing, the bathroom seems cannot live properly. You can even make the vanity as the focal point in your bathroom.

However, you will definitely need a remodeling project if you think that this does not look fit in your bathroom anymore. Besides how to remove a bathroom vanity mirror, we will show you three steps to remove this important part of the bathroom.

The plumbing

The plumbing is the first thing you must deal with when it comes to removing the bathroom vanity. And if you just ignore it, you must be ready for a huge tremendous mess. The plumbing pipes are located under the sink and you must turn off the shutoff valves both for the hot and cold popes.

After that, you can turn on the faucet so the water left in the pipe will be drained out. You can put a bucket under the main pipe of the vanity and use your wrench to remove it. Do not make the pipes stay in its place because it could turn into a huge disaster and cause damage to the vanity. To avoid the damage on the pipe, you can cut the caulk around the sink and faucet before completely remove them.

The Countertop

After you are done with the plumbing, you can now remove the countertop. You will need several tools like the screwdriver and the utility knife. You also need the help from a friend to lift the counter once you have successfully removed the vanity and put it somewhere safe. But if your countertop is made of marble then we recommend you not to replace or remove it. Instead, you may consider the steps of how to remove a bathroom vanity light fixture.

The base

After the heavy countertop has been successfully removed, you can now remove the rest easily. The base is commonly fastened with several screws so it is attached to the studs. You will need the screwdriver to remove all screw completely so it will not be attached to the wall anymore. Later, you can safely take off the base. If it seems too heavy then you can also remove the doors and drawers first. So, this is the end of how to remove a bathroom vanity.

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