What to Know about Vessel Bathroom Sink

Vessel bathroom sink was the exclusive picks from designers back then before the late 2000’s. Nowadays, you can pick this vanity type for your bathroom to add a little eye candy in this service room.

The characteristics

The definition of vessel bathroom sinks is basically a basin stands on top of the countertop of a vanity. The traditional ones are when the sink drops inside the sink or mounted under the countertop. The most common materials for vessel sink are ceramic and glass.


Nowadays, various exotic finishes are available to make it looks more modern such as marble, copper, stainless steel, natural stones, and even woods. In this article, we also want to show you the pros and cons about vessel bathroom sink. It is important to acknowledge the character of the material or item you want to buy at the first place.

The pros of vessel sinks

When it comes to the vessel bathroom sinks pros and cons, we will show you the pros first. Vessel sink shows a nice style since you will not see something like this in every bathroom. As long as you choose the right design, it will dress the bathroom like an excellent piece of jewelry.

The installation of a vessel sink is much easier compared to other traditional sinks that are mounted under the countertop. A small hole on your countertop is the only thing you need to do when you decide to have a vessel sink in your home. Besides, that thing could be done on your own.Vessel sink also provides a great flexibility.

It can be swapped out once you want to remodel or update the bathroom. Since the sink sits on top of the countertop, you will have more spacious space inside the countertop. On the other hand, this type of sink could give a bigger impression of the room. Vessel bathroom sink faucets and other plumbing thing are “on display” though.

The cons of vessel sinks

This type of sink might not be suitable for kids since the height could be too high especially if you do not make a proper plan of it. This style would match and work excellent when the vanity is 31 inches in height. Meanwhile, the standard size of vanity is between 31 inches and 36 inches.

Sometimes the vessel sink could be a bit difficult to clean especially on the area when the base of the sink meets the countertop. If the vessel is made of glass, the toothpaste marks and fingerprints will be more visible. On the other hand, it also has the stability issue since the mounting area is made of a small hole. The vessel sink may be lying on it nicely but not as good as the under-mount sink.

When it comes to the durability, this type of sink has a real issue with cracks. It is not because of the materials for sure. However, since it has a kind of inherent design with the edges exposed, it is more prone to damages. So, these all are things you need to know about vessel bathroom sink.

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