Black Marble Bathroom : Types, Ideas, and Tips

Black marble bathroom will give a luxury impression to anyone who sees it. Besides, you already put one of the best things in the world in your bathroom. A bathroom is practically important when it comes to a building especially a house. However, the homeowners tend to forget the existence of this room.

Using natural stones like marbles is kind of a good way. It increases the splendor and classiness of this room. Marble is also one of the most robust natural stones in the world. It comes in various colors and here we will tell you many things about marble other than just the black marble bathroom accessories.

The characteristics of marble

Marble is pretty durable and naturally resilient. It provides stunning textures and natural design that come in various colors and types. It seems like marble has its own charm and magnificence points that cannot be denied by everyone even though the price is kind of pricey. Black marble bathroom floor is just one of many proofs that marble can be applied in almost anything in your house both indoor and outdoor.


As we have mentioned earlier, the price is something that could make people take one step backward before they decide to apply a black marble bathroom in their house. However, the different type of marble brings different price tag for sure. On the other hand, it highly depends on a few factors such as textures, colors, durability, and quality.

Design ideas for marble bathrooms

There are several popular types of marble on the market. But before you decide to buy marble or use it as the black marble bathroom set, it is important to determine your budget as well. Becomes as realistic as possible is important when it comes to deciding the budget.

The Calacatta Marble is the rarest type of marble and it gives the classic look. If you like something classic and it meets your budget expectation then you can use this material to create a bigger space impression. The Calacatta Marble is suitable for both small and large bathroom. Everything works well with this marble type.

For an exquisite look of your bathroom, you can also pair Nero Marquina Marble with Calacatta. If Calacatta seems too pricey and rare, you can consider using Carrara marble. Both look similar but different for sure. In order to give a look of a contemporary bathroom, you can put a glass shower in it. You can try Talathello Marble for the flooring with Emperador Marble for the vanity. Do not forget to put a corner bathtub with some indoor flowers. Your bathroom will feel very homey in a luxury way.

Tips to clean the marble
Cleaning your marble can be done by using a soft cloth, warm water, and soap. Acidic or abrasive fluids are not recommended because it definitely will cause a permanent damage and you do not want it happens. After washing the marble, dry it using a soft dry cloth immediately so the watermarks will not appear on your black marble bathroom.

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