How to Install Bathroom Sink Drain with Your Own Hand

How to install bathroom sink drain with your own hands ? Sometimes, you may face certain problems like the drain in the bathroom sink is no longer functioned well. To solve this problem, you may not have any other choices except replacing to the new one. Although it sounds easy, in fact, not all people can do it. Besides, there are indeed some tips and tricks to install the drain well with the satisfying results. What are they ?

Know the Types of Bathroom Sink Drain

First of all, make sure to learn about the sink along with the components. This way, you can just know that in general, there are 2 types of the drain; overflow and pitcher. The drain with overflow tends to be more expensive and demanded nowadays since it is also able to clean the water. Meanwhile, the pitcher drain is simpler and it is only used to let the water flow without giving any other additional functions.

Uninstall the Pipes and all the Components of the Sink Drain

How to install bathroom sink drain with overflow and pitcher is not so much different. Both are basically placed on the sink’s body and then connected to the pipe. In a case that it is not a new sink, it means you may need to uninstall some components related to the drain.


They are the old drain and the piping system. For the pipes, you actually don’t need to release all of them; it is only the parts that are directly connected to the sink. Sure, you should not forget to turn off the water flow.

Install the Drain

After all of the components have been installed, it is the time to install the drain only. You must have bought one in which the size is matched with the hole of the sink. The drain must be placed well and then turn it around so that it is installed strongly on the sink. Next, you must connect it with the pipe. How to install bathroom sink drain pipe anyway ? It is also not really difficult. You can just plug the pipe to the drain.

Connect It to the Water Disposal

The pipe can then be connected to the water disposal. The technique is actually quite similar to how to install bathroom sink drain plug. It is by installing them one to another tightly by turning it around. Shake the connection and if there is nothing of them which is shifted, it means that both have been connected well.

Try It

Lastly, you must try to flow the water through the drain. In the beginning, you should not turn on the faucet to optimally that causes the water to flow too strongly. Just turn it around a little bit to flow only a little water. Then, you can check whether the water is still leaked outside or not. If it is leaked, it means you need to tighten all the connections once more to make sure that all of them are installed well. So, those are how to install bathroom sink drain.

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