The Benefits of Replacing Copper Water Pipes with Pex

Dealing with modern remodeling projects, you need to consider replacing copper pipes with pex. It seems that it is unnecessary to replace the copper pipes because they are fine but you have to replace it sooner or later. So, let’s learn more about PEX and the reason why you have to replace copper pipes with PEX.

Copper Pipes VS PEX

Copper pipes were commonly used in the building constructions around 1950 until 2000. This pipe was used to replace the use of galvanized iron pipes which considered as an old plumbing system. It is the same case with copper pipes today in which it is considered as an old plumbing system along with the launch of a better option, PEX plumbing tubing. PEX is the abbreviation of cross-linked Polyethylene.


PEX is considered a better option because it is made of plastic and flexible to use, especially with the help of cross-linked molecules. As the result, your house will be supported by a durable and strong pipe tubing. PEX is also friendly pipe tubing whether for the plumbers or for those who love to fix the water supply pipes by themselves.

The Cost of Replacing Copper Pipes with PEX

Replacing copper pipes with pex is also affordable to do. The cost of replacing copper pipes with pex is a solution to get better and cheaper water supply pipes at home. For example, you want to replace copper pipes in a 1.500 square foot with two bathrooms with PEX. For your information, if you install copper pipes in that area, it means you have to spend around $4.000 to $10.000. In the same case, you just need to spend around $2.000 up to $6.000 or more by installing PEX water supply pipes. Plus, you get more benefits from the water supply pipes.

So, when is the best time to replace the old pipes with PEX ? The first best time to replace it is when you find leaks in the pipes. Instead of using the same type of water supply pipe, just replace it with PEX. You solve the leaking effectively and you finally replace the pipe with the new one. The second best time to replace the copper pipes with PEX is when you want to renovate your house. Just add a plan to replace the water supply pipes in your renovation project. In the end, you have a new room as well as new pipes which make your house looks fresh.

The Considerations of Replacing Copper Pipes with PEX

To make sure about the renovation project, you may consult it with the architects and the plumbers. You have to ask should i replacing copper pipes with pex or not. The answer is related to the benefits of PEX with the house. Let say, PEX is easy to install along with flexible water supply system. Because of this benefit, the plumber can do the installation process faster and easier. Moreover, you can also limit the cost because PEX is cheaper than copper pipes.

The best part, you don’t need to face corrosion anymore which becomes the most common problem in copper water supply pipes. Even, you don’t need to worry about the freezing problem in winter because PEX is strong enough to defend against cold temperature. Based on the benefits, it seems that replacing copper pipes with pex is necessary to do for better water supply performance.

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