Different Kinds of PEX Tubing Home Depot

PEX tubing Home Depot can be very useful for you who like to make your own stuff or fix broken home appliances and plumbings at home. If you are a professional, this PEX tubing is also a perfect tool to use as a start. There are several different kinds of PEX tubing you can get at Home Depot. Scroll more to see which one that will be a perfect suit for your need !

PEX Tubing Plumbing Kit

As the name says, Home Depot provides all of the buyers with a complete kit of PEX tubing in a set. This kit has a PEX crimper tool with lock hook and comfort grip. With this tool, you will be able to install the PEX much easier.

Making copper crimp ring connections will be way simpler as well, especially in portable water lines, snowmelt, radiant heat, and other applications too. In this kit, you get a PEX shear cutter tool as well which is a great tool for cutting tubing and water applications. You can make multiple cuts with this quickly and precisely.

Other tools you get are a bag of the lead-free brass barbed hald inch 90-degree elbow fittings and another bag of the lead-free brass barbed half inch straight coupling fittings. Each bag of these tools contains 25 pieces of the tool. These lead-free brasses are durable and reliable for construction.

You also have a bag with 100 pieces of stainless steel half inch cinch clamp rings to connect PEX pipe to crimp fitting in difficult spaces. And last but not least, of course, the 100 feet tubing coil in red and blue. In total, you have 200 feet of tubing coil in this package. This PEX tubing tools Home Depot is available on their website for less than $175.50.

PEX Tubing Oxygen Barrier Radiant Heating Pipe

If you are running out of PEX tubing or you need a lot of extra feet, you can get this variety. With the half inch diameter of the tube, this will surely get into the narrow space in the plumbing tracks. And the red color will help you to find this easier when you are in a room with low lighting.

The special part of this tubing is that the extra long tube which is 1000 feet. This is perfect to be used as the tube of water supply and for an underground use. You can get this cross-linked polyethylene tube for a little bit less than $300 from the website in the US and Canada as well. If you are residing in Canada, simply search PEX tubing home depot Canada and you will get it as soon as possible.

PEX Tubing Home Depot in ¾ Inch

As the plumbers’ needs are very different, Home Depot also provide the cross-linked polyethylene tube with the ¾ inch diameter. You can make use of this PEX tubing for coiled, wrapped, or water supply for an underground use as well. You can get this type for $249.99 for the 500 feet long or $518 for 1 PEX tubing Home Depot with a 1000 feet longer tube.

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