The Important Things to Know before Replacing Floor Joists

Checking the floor joists regularly is an important thing to do. You have to make sure that the floor joists are in good condition and free from cracks. If you find something wrong with it, replacing floor joists becomes one of the solutions. This replacement keeps the floor joists away from sagging. Let’s talk about it before hiring people to replace the floor joists.

The Steps to Replace Floor Joists

There are several steps to do when you want to replace floor joists. The first thing to do is removing the floorboards. Just remove it by using crowbar and hammer to remove the cover. The function of removing the floorboards is to give access before replacing floor joists. Now, you will see the crack or the joists you want to replace. It is better to mark the locations first to make you easy to do the next step.


This is the time where you have to remove the damaged floor joists. In this step, you just need to choose a joist and an end. Cut all the way through the broken joist with a saw. When all the broken floor joists are removed, you have to replace it with the new one. Place the new joist hanger on the places you have marked before. Attach the ledger board with nails and if it is fit enough you can start to insert the new floor joist. That’s it! You are successfully replacing floor joists.

The Cost of Calling a Professional to Replace the Floor Joists

If you lack knowledge about this replacement, it is better to call a plumber to do it. So, how much money do you have to spend to replace floor joists ? The cost is depending on the problem and the type of hardwood floor you choose. In average, the replacing joists cost is around $200 to $650 per repair.

There are several replacement projects you can take such as sagging wood panels, rotted floor joists, squeaky floors, buckling or crowning, and many more. Let the professionals check the condition of the floor joists first to decide the problem. Then, let them discuss the projects they have to do to replace and save the joists. The most important, you can just do the replacing process fast and in the right way. The professionals know what to do to without creating additional problems whether replacing floor joists from below or any other parts.

Things to Consider before Hiring a Professional

Before hiring a professional to replace the floor joists, you need to know that there are several replacing floor joists uk services. Indeed, you have to find the best one to fix the problem right away and an affordable price. You may find the reference first by searching for the companies.

Try to get some floor joists companies as your reference. Then, you can compare those companies to get the service you need most. You may also ask a recommendation from your friends, neighbors, or family who have to replace floor joists.

Just ask about the company they used including the services and the cost. The point is that replacing floor joists is a tricky job to do. You are able to do it by yourself with higher risk. The best option is hiring a professional and let them replace it.

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