Replacing Mirrored Closet Doors Perfectly in 3 Hours

There is a case that you want to remodel your house to make it looks fresher. Actually, you can do it from the simplest one such as replacing mirrored closet doors. It seems that it is a simple home remodeling project but it gives a significant impact to the house. So, what do you have to do to replace mirrored closet doors ?

Steps to Replace Mirrored Closet Doors

What you have to do to replace the closet door is by measuring the opening of the closet first. Measure it from the inside trim face from the one side to the other side. Don’t forget to measure from the inside trim face at the top to the top of the floor surface. Now, focus on the new door you want to use.

You can paint, stain, and seal the new door to make it more interesting to see. Then, let the door dries around 24 hours before installing it to the closet. When you want to replace the old closet door, lift the door from the brackets. It is heavy so it is better to lift the door with two people or more.


You also need to use a screwdriver to remove the brackets. Place the new closet door and install the brackets. Just make sure that all the brackets have been screwed perfectly and you have a new closet door at home.

Steps to Replace Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Replacing mirrored wardrobe doors can be done just like replacing mirrored closet doors. The way to do complete it is simple and you need for about 2 or 3 hours to finish it. You also need to measure the space such as from the back wall to the door.

The measurement depends on the door you want to use. You can use 2 mirrored doors to 4 mirrored doors. Now, you have to fit the sliding door by fitting the top track to the ceiling. Then, fit the bottom track to the floor. The last thing to do is lift the old door and replace it with a new door.

The Standard Size

Whether replacement mirrored closet doors track or replacing mirrored sliding closet doors, you need to know the exact size of the door, the opening, and the track set. This is the reason why measurement is the most important thing in replacing mirrored closet doors project.

If you want to use two sliding doors, you have to use a 610mm x 762mm x 914mm whereas the opening width is 1195mm x 1499mm x 1803mm. The length of the trackset must be 1803mm for a small closet door. For those who want to install three sliding doors, you have to use a door with the same size. The different is on its opening width in which you have to use the 1780mm x 2236mm x 2692mm width opening.

You also need to install a 1803mm x 2692mm x 2692mm track set length. How about if you want to use 4 sliding doors? The size of the door is the same with the 2 or 3 doors. In this case, you have to use 2390mm x 2998mm x 3606mm opening width and 2692mm x 3607mm x 3607mm track set length. This is the standard size for replacing mirrored closet doors perfectly just like what you want.

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