Why should you choose White Rodgers 50e47 843 for the heating system ?

White Rodgers 50e47 843 is a series of Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) universal replacement for any system at home. Although it is more common to use this device in the bathtub usage, in fact, you can actually use it for any other necessities. It is including for the general heater. With the right installation, any activities using the heated appliances are just simpler and easier.

Sure, there are many other brands of the universal replacement HSI available in the market outside. But it seems that the customers tend to be more familiar with this product. Of course, it is not only about the popularity. The HSI from White Rodgers tend to give you more benefits that the others may not have. What are they ?

Light and Simple

Although the design is not a big deal since it will be placed inside, it seems that the customers still consider it while selecting the products. Each item of the White Rodgers 50e47 843 no light and with light is really light and simple. It eases you more while installing or just recognizing the features available.

Meanwhile, it is also equipped by some slots to arrange the functions as well as the plug in section for the cable. The instructions and manuals are just placed there, not separated in one particular sheet or book. You should not worry about the instructions are slipped on somewhere and you cannot find them while they are needed.

The item weight of White Rodgers 50e47 843 is only 1. 0 pounds as well as the length is 1.0 inches by applying the US measurement system. Then, the main material is Silicon Nitride which is really durable, strong, and resistant towards the extreme temperature and any other attacks from the outside.


To make it work better, the series of 50e47 843 from White Rodgers is equipped by some features. What are those features ? First, they are program keys for the multiple timing selections. It accommodates the users’ needs that want to use the product anytime. For the second, there are the Tri-colored LED indicators for diagnostics.

Just like the name, they are functioned to indicate whether the device has been turned on or off.The third feature is the direct and indirect flame sense compatible as the indicator or the measurement of the flame or the heat.

Lastly, this product also features the universal design for maximum versatility.Those features are for the maximum compatibility to all the related devices. The White Rodgers 50e47 843 troubleshooting is available to ease the customers in utilizing the product.


This product is well-known for being really durable and resistant. It means that you can use it for years without replacing it too often. in term of how it works, it should not be doubtful anymore.

There is even the guarantee if the item purchased is not similar to the descriptions. The White Rodgers 50e47 843 wire diagram is provided to guide you while installing. So, for your heating system, make sure it is only White Rodgers 50e47 843.

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