The Great Things You Get from Retro Doublewide

You have to be supported by high-quality properties to produce good quality of sound. One of the properties is a sound compressor. Dealing with a high-quality sound compressor, you may use retro doublewide. Let’s discuss a little bit about the difference between this compressor and the other products.

The Overview

A retro doublewide is a monotube compressor and you can find up to 500 series format until today. This product is supported by four tubes to compress the sound. It works in two different stages in which the product is using the combination of two high-quality Cinemag transformers.


Then, the system floats the input and the output and transform with the specific signal. There is also a hard-wire bypass in the system. The purpose of the system is to evaluate the compression signature fast.

The Specifications

To give more understanding, just read the retro doublewide review here. The unique part of this compressor is on its small tube but it produces a big sound. Moreover, this small compressor is able to compress all types of sounds including vocal sound, bass, and the mix of two different sounds.

You are also supported by two timing modes, which are single and double mode. The single mode is a perfect mode for slower sound such as the harsh vocals and unruly bass. If you are a drummer or any kind of fast transients sound players, you may use the double mode.

The double mode is designed to compress a more dynamic sound. The main difference between retro vs sta level is on its design. It seems that retro doublewide is designed with a more stylish design than the Sta-level compressor.

The Benefits of Using Retro Doublewide

You will get several benefits from retro doublewide. Let say, the system is durable and better than the previous products, especially on the circuit. With a better circuit system, the compressor is able to eliminate excess inrush and component stress. The power is also better than before in which it only needs 180 milliamps or 6 watts along with two-slot power. You don’t need to adjust anything to make the compressor works well.

This is because the tube is able to balance the sound automatically just like what you need. Indeed, it is an efficient sound compressor for daily usage. Sometimes, you need to adjust the meter-zero and the manufacturer gives it on the side of the unit. Does the part difficult to find ? The good news is that you can easily find the parts, especially the tube.

The way to replace the tube is also easy to do because you just need to replace the damaged tube with the new one. In short, the retro doublewide gearslutz is a great product. Despite the small design, the sound produced by the compressor is big enough. The most important, you can really produce the sound just like what you want.

The point is that producing a high-quality sound has to be supported by a high-quality of tools. Definitely, you need a sound compressor to produce the sound you love one and retro doublewide compressor can be the best answer.

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