Things to Know about Sharkbite PEX Crimp Tool

Sharkbite Pex Crimp Tool is an innovation in the world of non-powered hand tools particularly in term of piping and tubing. It has a unique shape, very similar to the pliers or scissors but with some features in order to make some connections. This tool has been originally manufactured by Sharkbite Pex Crimp to feature any other tools from the same brand including the SharkBite Crimp Rings. Based on the Shark Bite PEX Crimp Tool Review, here are some matters you need to know about the product. What they are ?


In the PEX pipe installations, you may need to connect or maybe release the PEX tubing and the crimp rings. It features some holes to fit the rings. In general, there are two sizes of the Crimp Rings used in daily life.

For this matter, the holes available in the tool are also mainly compatible with those two ring sizes. But if the ring you have is not included in those two popular rings, you should not worry. There are some types that are also designed and produced to fit those other sizes.

Sharkbite Pex Crimp Tool

Besides, this tool is also able to compress the small copper crimp bands to make the tubing and installations safer and more secure. Sure, you need to prepare any other tools also from Shark Bite Pex Crimp, it is PEX barb fitting.

How to Use It

You don’t need to be a professional or an expert mechanic to use this tool properly. Prepare all things needed at first including the Sharkbite PEX Crimp Tool, the pipe, tubing, and the crimp rings. If you have the Shark bite PEX crimp tool kit entirely, it will be better. You may need to cut off the pipe to make it look good and neater.

Remember, it should be in a square cut. Next, push the tub carefully into the barb fitting until it reaches the shoulder of the fitting. Place one of the holes into the tool that is matched with the crimp ring and then squeeze it. For the first time, you may feel that the placement is not correct.

So, you can repeat the process since the beginning using the other hole. This is why you are suggested to buy the Shark bite PEX Crimp Tool Set to ease you to match one tool to the others.


Sharkbite PEX crimp is one of the popular brands. It means that you don’t need to put so many efforts to find the products since they are available in the stores around. Well, this is one of the benefits of choosing this tool. Meanwhile, it is also very easy to use. There are only around two or three simple steps and it is done.

You can use the piping system right after that. Meanwhile, the tool is very practical. Everybody can just use it for sure. The tool is available in various types of installations. You don’t even need to change the heads to match it to the rings. So, are you interested to buy Sharkbite PEX Crimp Tool ?

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